Policies and Online Documents


 Check Out Time
Regardless of check IN time, our check OUT time is 12pm Monday-Saturday. Your pet is welcome to stay past those hours for an additional full daycare charge of $20 plus tax. Sundays have an automatic day play charge as we are only open for pick up/drop off between 4pm-6pm.

Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy is as friendly as possible. We understand plans can change and emergencies happen. Therefore, during a non-peak season, as long as we do not have a waiting list for the time of your reservation and you give us 24 hour notice, you will not be charged a cancellation fee. 

However, for holiday and peak weeks, we require a  non-refundable first night deposit per pet (this will vary depending on what suite you have booked). This will be lost if you do not cancel at least 2 weeks prior to your original check in date. If you stay the entire length of your original reservation, this will show up as a credit on your bill and you will not owe it at check out. This policy is in effect to ensure fairness for all of our pet families. We are sure you understand the need to give each family adequate time to make their arrangements since we do have a lengthy waiting list for most weekends and holidays.

After Hours Fee
Since we are staffed after hours and on holidays, but only open to the public at certain times, there is an option for after hours pick up/drop off DURING EMERGENCIES ONLY for an added $50 fee per dog. This service is not guaranteed if not pre-arranged prior to closing. This must be scheduled in advance with a phone call and for safety reasons for all of our guests and staff, we will not open our doors after hours to anyone without appropriate notice.

Vaccination Requirements
All of our guests are required to be up to date on all vet recommended vaccinations for this area. All vaccines must be given at least 2 weeks prior to your day of check in to allow adequate time to become effective. 

Our Requirements for dogs are as followed:

1) Rabies

2) Distemper Parvo (DA2PPV or titer test)

3) Intranasal Bordetella (must be updated every 6 months and administered at least 2 weeks prior to services)

4) Bi-Valent Flu (this is a two-part series and each guest must have both the first initial vaccine plus the three week booster)

5) Negative Fecal (must be completed annually)

6) All guests must be up to date on a monthly flea / tick / heart worm preventative prior to any service (if fleas or intestinal parasites are found on your pet, we will treat him / her at your expense and keep separated from other guests until an appropriate time has passed for treatment to be effective)

7) Unaltered females are not permitted for services during active heat cycles

Our Requirements for cats are as followed:

1) Rabies

2) Feline Distemper

3) Negative Intestinal Parasite Check

4) Must be spayed or neutered

We require that each pet parent read our policies, sign all waivers and other paperwork and submit copies of up-to-date vaccines prior to your pet’s first stay. Thank you for understanding as we strive to ensure every guest is healthy and happy. 


 Please print and sign each document prior to arriving for your reservation.

If you are a returning boarding client you only need to bring the first form (check in form) with each new stay.

Policies and Online Documents

Daycare & Boarding Checklist and Requirements


* We require all dogs to be up to date on Rabies, Distemper Parvo, Intranasal Bordetella and Bi-Valent Flu.  We require all cats to be up to date on Rabies, Feline Distemper, have a Negative Intestinal Parasite Check and be spayed/neutered.

*We require all pets to be up to date on a flea/tick/heart worm preventative and have a negative fecal. 

–All pets are subject to flea checks when they enter our facility, especially in summer months. If your pet is found to have fleas, we will administer a Capstar (at owner’s expense: $25-$75 depending on pet weight) to your pet and give them a bath (at owner’s expense) if needed.


*We recommend all pets arrive with their own personal food, especially if pets have food allergies or special diets. 

–We have house kibble that we can feed for a cost of $3 / meal .

–Please note that a change in diet can cause pets to have an upset stomach.


*All medications must be in the original prescription (or OTC) bottle with the correct dosage instructions. 

–Medications not in the original bottle with correct dosage cannot and will not be accepted. This is a state regulation!


*You may bring belongings (bedding, toys, treats, etc.) for your pet’s stay, though there are some exceptions. 

-Rawhides, pig ears and bully sticks are not allowed as they may splinter causing choking or other health concerns.

-We request that food bowls are kept at home, especially if they are ceramic or glass which can be broken. We only accept special food bowls such as elevated feeders or slow feeders.

–Note that Paw-A-Day Inn is not responsible for any lost or damaged items or belongings. 

Play Time:

*Our guests (with permission) have social interaction with one another.  

–It is the responsibility of each pet parent to honestly inform Paw-A-Day Inn of any known aggressions.  

-Play groups are matched based on size and temperament of guests.

-Safety is our primary goal, therefore play time is not for every pet. Play time is a place for social pets to play and have fun. It is not a place for aggressive pets to learn how to be social. Pets who are not permitted to have play time with other pets will be accommodated individually during their stay at Paw-A-Day Inn -Pets who are unaltered may have limited play time / groups based on their demeanor (i.e. excessive marking or attempting to be dominate, etc.)

Special Handling:

*If pets are found to need special handling instructions (such as people aggressive pets, pet aggressive pets, etc.) there will be a $5/night surcharge added to the boarding rate. If any pet develops any issues during their stay, or does not pass the temperament test, pet parents will be notified immediately so that other arrangements can be made.