Guest of the Month: March 2019

                                             -In Memory Of Tess and Ozzy-

Our fur-babies are valued members of our family and hold a special place in our hearts. Our fur-babies are dependable with the unconditional love that they give on a daily basis. They are loyal. They are loving. They comfort us when nothing else would suffice. Not only are they family, they are our best friends.  When it comes time to have to say goodbye to our fur-babies who have spent a lifetime with us, it is one of the most difficult things we, as pet owners have to endure. One thing that makes the separation a little more bearable are the memories we have to hold on to. Per a special request, this month, we decided to do something a little different. We would like to take a moment for anyone and everyone to remember a fur-baby that made our lives a little happier. This month is for all the fur-babies that have crossed the rainbow bridge and though they may be gone, most definitely are not forgotten.